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Assess Your Agency’s Readiness Now: Pediatric Assessment Continues

9 Jul 2024 8:15 AM | Anonymous
EMS News

Be Sure Your EMS Agency is Ready
to Care for Children in an Emergency

Your clinicians must be ready to provide optimal emergency care if you provide 911 response to incidents with sick or injured children. Whether you transport, or if your EMS agency is fire-based or a private company, you should know if you’re really “pediatric ready.”

The Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Project (PPRP) Assessment, led by HRSA’s EMS for Children Program, is providing EMS clinicians, their agencies, and their EMS systems a self-assessment now through July 31, 2024.

Here’s what your EMS colleagues are saying about the assessment:

  • “EMS needs help on improving our pediatric readiness. We are so overwhelmed and understaffed that this often gets pushed to the back burner of priorities, unfortunately. I think there are some great learning points in the questions asked.” – Paramedic/EMS Director
  • “This survey has given our agency a lot of information. We are currently updating all our policies to be more specific in many of the areas discussed in this survey.” – EMT, Volunteer Fire Department

Get to it:

  1. Confirm who in your agency is responsible for completing the PPRP Assessment and encourage them to complete it – or volunteer to help
  2. Watch a video that illustrates the importance of pediatric readiness
  3. Access free tools and resources to improve specific aspects of your “readiness”

About the HRSA MCHB EMSC Program:

For 40 years, the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Program has worked to improve outcomes for acutely ill and injured children and reduce rates of serious injury, illness or death. Through research, practice and partnership, the EMSC Program strives to ensure that—no matter where a child lives—the health systems in their area provide high-quality, equitable emergency care.

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