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The Minnesota Ambulance Association advocates for the ambulance industry and emergency medical services (EMS) in Minnesota. The organization is only as strong as its members and leaders and their engagement in the process to maintain a healthy, sustainable EMS delivery system in Minnesota. 

MAA is active in government relations and advocacy for its members and EMS at-large in the state capitol in St. Paul and through various meetings and committee involvement. MAA's government relations work is managed by Libby Law Offices in St. Paul. The Association's Legislative Committee hosts monthly meetings, open to members, to share legislative updates and discuss future initiatives. Board of Director meetings are scheduled quarterly, to include an annual meeting once per year. 

The MAA is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

To discuss your new member interests or questions, contact MAA Administrator Samantha Hilker at 

Ambulance Service Membership Rates 

Ambulance Service, Fire Department, or Group

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12-month membership dues for ambulance services is a two-part calculation made up of a base rate plus a $.50 per-run rate. 

For this example, let's say your number of runs is 107.
Base Fee: $250 (according to the list below @107)
Per run rate: $.50
Runs calculation: 107 runs x $.50 = $53.50
Bas Fee + number of runs = $303.50

Ambulance Service Base Rates:

 Number of RunsBase Rate 
 1-100   $175 
101-500  $250 
 501-1,000   $400 
 1,001-1,500 $600 
 1,502-2,000 $700 
 2,001-2,500 $800 
2,501-3,000  $900 
 3,001-3,500 $1,000 
 3,501-4,000 $1,100 
 4,001-4,500 $1,200 
 4,501-5,000 $1,300 
 5001-17,200  $1,400 
 17,200+  $10,000 

Medical Response Unit (MRU)

12-month membership = $75

Individual Membership

12-month membership= $25

Best Value Membership

12-month membership = $55

Associate Membership

12-month membership = $300

Regional Systems Membership

12-month membership = $2,800

Business Memberships

12-month membership = $750

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