About the Minnesota Ambulance Association

The Minnesota Ambulance Association (MAA) was created in 1960 to represent the interests of ambulance services in the state of Minnesota. Initially, the association was started to address XXXX. In tackling those issues, it quickly became apparent that there were many other ways Minnesota EMS could benefit from an association. 

MAA serves as an EMS stakeholder group to better delivery of emergency medical services in Minnesota. The association's board of directors and leadership continue to be called on to testify at government meetings or hearings regarding its position, or offer input on matters of importance. In addition, MAA works to create and promote opportunities for collaboration and networking between ambulance service executives, directors and managers. 

The primary purpose of the Minnesota Ambulance Association is to promote excellence and quality in the ambulance industry in Minnesota and to:

  • Promote the general welfare of emergency medical services
  • Inform and educate the public as to the usefulness and value of emergency medical services
  • Promote mutual aid in the emergency medical service which may include between members of the association
  • Encourage and/or conduct research relating to any phase of the emergency medical service
  • Disseminate to association members reliable information and data developed and/or gathered as to subjects of interest
  • create and maintain a fraternal feeling between members of the association

The Internal Revenue Service has designated MAA as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Minnesota Ambulance Association
PO Box 583538 PMB 72319 | Minneapolis, MN | 55458-3538

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