Advancing EMS Leadership, Policy & Practice Since 1960

Welcome to the heart of Minnesota's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) community—the Minnesota Ambulance Association (MAA). We proudly stand as the unified voice for EMS across the state, bringing together over 85% of Minnesota's EMS response volume. Our diverse membership comprises both governmental and non-governmental organizations, including Medical Response Units and individual EMS providers.

At MAA, our mission transcends representation; it is a commitment to advancing EMS leadership, shaping impactful policies, and promoting best practices. As stewards of our members' interests, we diligently work to elevate the standards of EMS in Minnesota. Through collaboration and advocacy, we strive to create an environment that fosters innovation, excellence, and continual improvement in EMS services.

Join us in our journey to shape the future of EMS in Minnesota. Together, we are not just an association; we are a dynamic force propelling EMS leadership, policy, and practice to new heights. Welcome to MAA—where the pulse of Minnesota's EMS beats strong, and the future of emergency care is in our hands.

The Minnesota Ambulance Association offers individual, agency and associate memberships as well as sponsorship opportunities with members-only access.

Member Benefits

  • Legislative Initiatives
  • Complimentary SAVVIK Buying Group membership
  • Active committees working to advance EMS
    • Billing & Reimbursement
    • Legislative
  • MN Stars of Life program
  • Member advisories & communications
  • Job Postings
  • EMS Resources
  • Much, much more!

Upcoming events

Mission, Vision & Values

To advance EMS leadership, policy & practice.

To be Minnesota's member-driven advocacy organization promoting and strengthening Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


  • Commitment to Members
  • Professionalism, Respect & Openness
  • Leadership
  • Inclusiveness

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