Paramedic Jenny Spaeth has spent her life putting service before self. For the last 20 years, she has dutifully served the residents of Ramsey, Anoka and Sherburne counties.

Jenny is an outgoing, friendly fixture of the north metro. Jenny is known for her clinical excellence and patient advocacy. She continuously goes above and beyond her work agreement picking up extra shifts. She takes pride in her role as a mentor and enjoys teaching students who are striving to be paramedics and EMTs. She maintains a great rapport with our first responders and knows most by first name. For the last 4 years, she has been a staple team member at the PGA 3M Open. Last year, Jenny received the prestigious EMS Gold Star from Dr. Roberg at Mercy Hospital ER; a highly sought but rarely received complement for patient care.

Jenny finds ways to be constructive at work and does not hesitate to present issues with solutions. As a union rep, she’s calm, collected and takes an objective stance.

Away from work, Jenny is the proud mother of two Pomeranians Ginger and Tanner. Jenny is a foodie, enjoys travel and spending time with her niece and nephew. Jenny recently completed her RN and she has a love of all that is Whitney Houston.

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