Lonie began her career in EMS 40 years ago working as an EMT in Buffalo. After completing her paramedic training, she continued to work in Buffalo and in the north metro area serving for many years as a paramedic and an FTO. Among her many accomplishments was spearheading the Family Safety program where Allina crews would go out into the community to promote bike safety and other initiatives to enhance the safety and well-being of people in the communities they serve. She and a coworker who co-led this initiative received an award for their outstanding work.

More recently, Lonie has been instrumental in coordinating Allina’s EMS operations with Elk River Ambulance. She manages the supplies and equipment, does the training and orientation for new staff and many, many other things to ensure the consistent and effective operations of the service. Lonie continues to serve others through her work leading Safety Camps for kids and regularly going on Misison Trips around the world. Above and beyond the operational side of EMS, Lonie’s professional and caring demeanor has positively impacted thousands upon thousands of patients and family members over the course of her career. It is our honor and great privilege to nominate Lonie for the Star of Life Award.

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