For the better part of three decades, David Kohs has been an integral part of Emergency Medical Services in South East Minnesota. Dave has been involved in a variety of roles including EMT, Paramedic, Service Director, Educator, Interdisciplinary Workgroups, and Professional Associations.

Elgin Ambulance Service is the primary organization that has served as the foundation throughout the years. Mr. Kohs has served in a number of roles most notably as Director for over 20 years. Dave recently left the Director position, while still contributing to the service with the Education Program and part of the leadership team. The culture of the organization still reflects his sense of service to the community today.

The number of providers in the region that Dave has been a mentor and educator for is quite possibly too high to count. Teaching through the State College System, Regional Consortiums, and local Ambulance Services Dave continues to impart years of real world clinical experience to generations of EMS professionals.

Elgin Ambulance Service is proud to nominate David Kohs as a 2023 Minnesota Star of Life

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