Sue Halls has served as the EMS Leader for our Ada operations for 22 years. During this time she has

been instrumental at maintaining a great working relationship within the hospital and as a role model

for the many front line team members. Most recently, Sue has added the additional role of overseeing

our Fosston EMS location.

Sue has dedicated much of her adult life to rural EMS, especially in Norman County where she and her

husband reside. Sue’s dedication to her team and patients is second to none. There isn’t a time day or

night that Sue isn’t there as a resource if needed.

Anyone that knows Sue, knows she embraces technology, but technology doesn’t always embrace her.

Many years ago, Sue and her partner had completed a transfer in a new ambulance that had some of

this newer technology. On the way back to Ada, they were laughing and couldn’t figure out why cars

were constantly pulling over for them, until they eventually realized they had inadvertently turned on

their emergency lights. Sue often remarks on how great her team is and always praises the work of the

first responders they have the privilege to work with. All this team building became a benefit one night

when the rescuer became the patient. Sue suffered a STEMI while on scene at a call. She never lost

sight of the patient care needed, made arrangement to get them to the hospital while another

ambulance was responding to care for her and transport her a Fargo hospital where she was greeted by

our EMS Medical Director in the ED.

Sue started her EMS career in 1979 as an EMT in North Dakota before moving to Ada in 1997 with her

paramedic husband Dave. When asked why Ada? The answer- because Ada was one of the only

locations they could find that had two paramedic openings so they could work together. Four short

years later she found herself in a Management role and hasn’t looked back.

When Sue isn’t at the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Dave, four children, four

grandchildren, and her beloved reptiles. Unfortunately, she recently lost her beloved bearded dragon,

Bubba. While preparing this, I had the pleasure of talking to Sue about her pets. She is one of the few

people that can talk about retiles, with a sparkle in her eye, and make them sound like cuddly, furry


I am humbled and privileged to call Sue Halls our Star of Life and would like to Thank You for all that you

have done for Essentia Health EMS, your team, and communities we serve.

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