Scott Boehne has been a member of Cottonwood Ambulance Service since 1991 and served as vehicle maintenance for many years.

Since 1991 he attained his paramedic and has been serving in that capacity for 20 years. He has been employed at a full-time service besides his volunteer status allowing him to practice his skills on a regular basis so that he has the experience to provide the best care possible to our patients. He is a vital in being able to provide ALS services to the area. He has put in many hours of devotion to the service along with serving the community as a volunteer fireman.

Scott resides near Cottonwood with his wife LeeAnn, where they farm and raised their 4 children Allison, Trent, Tyson, and Yvonne. He has been truly dedicated to EMS and we are grateful for his service to our community.

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