Leadership Development

Resource: EMS Leadership Course

Organization: Minnesota Ambulance Association

Description: The EMS Leadership course has eight lessons based on the principle that all EMS personnel must lead within their scope of responsibility and should be given the tools to understand what leadership looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

The course examines leadership definitions and demonstrates a leader’s actions within their organizational mission within the context of Emergency Medical Services. Certification will be provided upon successful completion. **FEES ASSOCIATED

Resource: DOH Rural EMS Leadership Development Course

Organization: Suwannee River Area Health Education Center

Description: Online, 7-module series available free of charge to support leadership development in rural EMS.

Resource: 2022 EMS Webinar Series

Organization: Michigan Center for Rural Health

Description: Monthly webinar series covering a wide spectrum of rural EMS topics.

Resource: EMSRB YouTube Channel

Organization: Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board

Description: YouTube Channel hosted by EMSRB with videos to assist ambulance managers with completing common on-line licensing tasks.

Resource: EMS Toolkit

Organization: Minnesota Department of Health

Description: This EMS Toolkit is a set of resources developed for rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations, which are often run by volunteers. The toolkit addresses common issues that these important community entities face to keep their organizations staffed, funded and running smoothly. Areas addressed in the toolkit include:

  • Funding and finances
  • Leadership and management resources
  • Recruitment and retention

Resource: EMS Agenda 2050

Organization: ems.gov

Description: EMS Agenda 2050 is the result of a collaborative and inclusive two-year effort to create a bold plan for the next several decades. EMS Agenda 2050, a new vision for the future that provides a framework for the next thirty years of EMS system advancement.